Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Best new affiliate programs this year 

Here is my short list of the best new affiliate programs this year.

Whizlabs is currently a leading global provider of certification study offerings that addresses the needs of a working professional to pass the Professional Certification Courses. The've served over 2 million users across 125+ countries, including those from the world's leading Fortune 500 companies. They offer certification preparation courses in Java, Project Management and CCNA. Their unique step-by-step, online learning model combines an Online Instructor Led Training with an online simulated series of tests wrapped in an exam simulator and video tutorials to maximize success in achieving certification.

Some of the key features I like about the affiliate program is:
Trusted brand since 2000.
100% Success Guaranteed on all products.
Complete Range of all Java, PMP, Agile, Cisco certification products.
10% Commission on every sale.
2nd tier commission
Cookie Duration: 90 days
Join here

Flagline.com - "Everything in Flags" - U.S., Nations of the World, Nautical, College, Sports, Decorative Banners & much more.
There is such a wide range of products that there is sure to be some suitable for your website topic and visitors.
Its not just flags as there are license plates and frames, pins,  magnets, patches, maps, scarves, bunting, blankets, mugs, decals, stickers and lots more.
Refer your sites visitors to Flagline.com and earn 10% commission on every sale generated.
Low minimum payout of $25.00 quarterly, 45 day returns cookie and online reporting makes affiliating with Flagline.com easy, fun and profitable.

My Nica Store Affiliate Partners

They have owned and operated several businesses both in Costa Rica and in Nicaragua, and have had a lot of great experiences and our Mini Super business model is providing great returns and is a great and successful adventure.
The store provides a full inventory of groceries, beverages and liquor to your neighbors in your town.
There is a huge demand for increased quality of service and selection as Nicaragua continues to advance, prosper and becomes more sophisticated. They have combined and deployed sensible technology, local, specific and targeted marketing and management concepts.
What they do is proven to work and is easy to duplicate.
I really like the combination of high payouts per click and massive per sale commissions.
Click = $0.15

Information request (free) pays $5.00

Partner purchase pays $1000.00, $2,000.00 or $3000.00

The above programs are reasonably new (to me). For a list of my all time favorite affiliate programs see my recommended programs page.

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