Tuesday, March 06, 2012

New Affiliate Programs
This is my picks for the best new affiliate programs this week.

BackLinks Genius
BackLinks Genius buys and sells links on blogs, and we all know that getting links is essential part of promoting any website so this is an easily sold service for all website owners.

Find new advertisers for BackLinks Genius and you will earn percentage of what they spend.

Sign up new bloggers and get a percentage of their earnings.

Your payout is available immediately upon request, free of charge through PayPal.

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Anyoption - FaceBook IPO Launch
Here is a chance for you to get traders excited about their chance to be involved with something HUGE!

Anyoption is the first and only company in the world to facilitate the biggest pre IPO launch ever on Facebook's upcoming stock!

While the amount of shares and opening price is still not finalized, traders can hedge the market value at the closing of first day of trading and make up to 300% profit.

The interest in Facebook's IPO is massive so you can enjoy high conversions and profits by marketing this exclusive offer.

Join the affiliate program at Binary Affiliates and earn $200 CPA.

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