Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Affiliate Programs
This is my picks for the best new affiliate programs this week:

SOAR Fear Of Flying Courses
Professional fear of flying program available online, on DVDs, and downloadable to iPod or other players. Many people around the world suffer a fear of flying and as air travel expands it is a an issue that affects more and more people all the time.

The affiliate program pays twenty percent commission plus 2nd tier. I have been in his affiliate program for some time now and l very much enjoy getting his newsletters.

I love flying so dont need his course but his newsletters always has some interesting views on air safety as well as the psychology of fear that make fascinating reading. So if you love flying or fear it, either way I think this program is worth joining. Click here to become a SOAR Affiliate

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Websting is next generation web service with all the core elements packaged in one, including unlimited hosting, web design, development, and professional on-demand web management.

No fuss, no hidden costs, no contracts, no setup fees, no worries. Traditionally, you would have to purchase services from multiple providers (eg. one for hosting, one for design, and one for SEO), which sums up to bigger price and lots of time.

They pay out $100 when customer subscribes for Websting or $50 when customer subscribes for Facebook page, refereed from your link. They provide all the tools necessary for you to convert your existing traffic into sales. It's easy to implement to your site and only takes a few minutes to complete the sign up process.

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