Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Affiliate Strategy To Avoid Problems

Prepare for Problems
The big news this week is that the DirectTrack system went down with a massive failure. Over 300 affiliate networks were affected.

It is a timely reminder that no system is failsafe and just about everything will have a problem at some point in time. This time its affiliate network but next time it could be your hosting company, payment processor, advertising account or any number of web services that are affected. So here are some of the things I have done to help reduce the problems that a failure could cause.

By diversifying you spread your risk so not everything is down at the same time.

I use several different affiliate networks, and they are on different systems so some are DirectTrack, others use Hasoffers, and others like Shareasale have unique systems. You can view a list of Affiliate networks

I also use a wide variety of affiliate programs direct with the merchant so there is no affiliate network involved at all. I also try a wide variety of products and topics so I dont get caught too badly if there is a sudden change in law as has happened a few times in the past few years.

I use several different web hosting accounts and all with multiple domain options so I can easily change hosting for a website. Some are in different cities, data centers so risk is spread. I use 4 Web Host, Lunarpages, Domings.com and a few other smaller ones.

I also use several domain registrars, probably too many as sometimes it hard to manage, but it does help reduce the risk and I can easily see who has the best rate.

In general I think its worth looking at all the essential services you use and then seeing if there are ways to diversify and minimize the risk. It may take some time now but you will be thankful you did when the inevitable system failure happens.

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New Affiliate Programs
This is my picks for the best new affiliate programs this week:

SOAR Fear Of Flying Courses
Professional fear of flying program available online, on DVDs, and downloadable to iPod or other players. Many people around the world suffer a fear of flying and as air travel expands it is a an issue that affects more and more people all the time.

The affiliate program pays twenty percent commission plus 2nd tier. I have been in his affiliate program for some time now and l very much enjoy getting his newsletters.

I love flying so dont need his course but his newsletters always has some interesting views on air safety as well as the psychology of fear that make fascinating reading. So if you love flying or fear it, either way I think this program is worth joining. Click here to become a SOAR Affiliate

See other travel affiliate programs at http://www.affiliateguide.com/travel.html

Websting is next generation web service with all the core elements packaged in one, including unlimited hosting, web design, development, and professional on-demand web management.

No fuss, no hidden costs, no contracts, no setup fees, no worries. Traditionally, you would have to purchase services from multiple providers (eg. one for hosting, one for design, and one for SEO), which sums up to bigger price and lots of time.

They pay out $100 when customer subscribes for Websting or $50 when customer subscribes for Facebook page, refereed from your link. They provide all the tools necessary for you to convert your existing traffic into sales. It's easy to implement to your site and only takes a few minutes to complete the sign up process.

See other web hosting affiliate programs at http://www.affiliateguide.com/webhosting.html

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This is my picks for the best new affiliate programs this week:

TrueCare Bullying Alert Service for Parents
Tired of promoting offers that make you feel like you need to take a shower after you posted the link. With TrueCare you can feel good about helping parents help their children with the difficult subject of bullying.
Bullying affects 1 in 2 teens in America today, but with True Care's unique service, they don't have to suffer alone.
TrueCare is one of the only cloud based cyberbullying alert service solutions available today that pays affiliates for sending traffic.
High Payouts, stellar conversions and award winning account management from experienced internet marketers gives you the advantage to make more money from the traffic you already have.
Payout: $15.00 per sale
Countries: US Canada and Australia
Join the affiliate program at Safetynet Media.

See other security affiliate programs at http://www.affiliateguide.com/security.html

The goal at Hipcycle is to offer upcycled products that are as attractive, durable, and otherwise as desirable as traditional equivalent products (if not more so). They also strive to offer products that are priced about the same as regular high-quality products. Just because something is a "green" product that it means you have to make a choice between helping the environment and getting what you want. There is a wide and expanding range of interesting products to promote.

Affiliate program is on the Performance Based Eco Affiliate Network and pays 10% and 2% 2nd tier.

See other retail affiliate programs at http://www.affiliateguide.com/retail.html

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Monday, February 06, 2012

New Affiliate Programs
This is my picks for the best new affiliate programs this week

Epic Board Skins

Epic Board Skins was established in December of 2009, as a new concept design on how to completely personalize your snowboard, wakeboard, skateboard, longboard, skis, surfboards, skimboards and even water skis unique to you. Epic Board Skins crew are dedicated in creating the best product with the easiest installation method in mind. The skins and graphics are tough and are laminated with UV laminates.

Gain 10% Commission Per Sale
Tier 2 Commissions paying you an extra 2% per sale
Monthly Payout - Payout minimum at $50
$10 Sign Up Bonus once you reach your first payout

See other sports affiliate programs at http://www.affiliateguide.com/sports.html

Brooklyn Industries
Brooklyn Industries is a cutting edge design company that sells its innovative clothes, bags and outerwear exclusively through its 14 retail stores and online website. Founded by visionary artists Lexy Funk and her partner in 1998, Brooklyn Industries engages their loyal customer base in art, clothing, design and style.

The commission structure involves a 8% commission and a two tier setup. The average sale amount is $100, and 90 days of tracking.

They are offering a product feed and a whole lot of banners in every size and color scheme. Plus, stay tuned for exclusive Affiliate offers. Join here

See other clothing affiliate programs at ClothingAffiliatePrograms.com

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