Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Flipology - Buy and sell websites for large profits

I just finished reading the new Flipology ebooks and am happy to recommend them to you.

Flipping a web site is the process of buying a website cheap, improving it and then selling it for a profit.

This ebook explains exactly how to do it, all the things to look out for, all the legal forms to use, best places to buy and sell , and the tools and techniques used to improve a site.

The part I liked best was the strategy and tips section in book 2 which shows some of the different ways people are flipping sites for huge profits.

Graeme Eastman

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Performance Marketing Alliance!

The Performance Marketing Alliance is a new professional association dedicated to bringing visibility and credibility to the performance marketing industry. They have talked with over 40 industry leaders over the past few weeks to determine if there was an interest in forming a professional association. The responses were unanimously YES!

While this has been tried a few times in the past, the time is now ripe for a change. Performance marketing has matured to a point where our collective voice is more powerful than our individual voices. Recent events such as misinformed legislation and mudslinging in mainstream press demonstrate that without a centralized credible voice for the industry, there will continue to be misrepresentation of performance marketing.

They are now in the formation phase where we are collecting input from performance marketing professionals. Here are links to surveys where they will capture your thoughts and ideas. I strongly recommend you have your say about the industry and the direction this industry association should take.

Graeme Eastman

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Top marketer M____ ______ confesses to drink and drugs

You know when you hear something so amazing you have to do a double take?
Well that happened to me when I heard this news and you'll feel the same way too ...
... you see, I found out that before this guy blasted onto the scene as a HIGH PROFILE marketer he was upto his eyeballs in debt, drink and drugs;
until he made a discovery that *BLASTED* him from nothing to over a million dollars in just two years.
It's an incredible story;
(You might need to wait a moment for the video to load up but it's WELL WORTH the wait).
Believe me.

See the video here

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Be prepared for hosting problems

Recently the web hosting company where I have several of my sites hosted. had a transformer explode on them and it could take days to get the power and all the servers back online.
Even though they had backup generators, multiple internet connections, fully secure datacentres and a gaurenteed uptime they could not prevent the problem or fix it in a hurry.
I have switched several sites over to a different hosting company for the short term while this issue is resolved. Its a timely reminder that it is wise to have at least 2 or 3 back up hosts in various worldwide locations ready to go at any time.
Here is a list of recommended hosts that I use:

Lunarpages Web Hosting

A Basic Hosting Plan with 1,500 GB of
space and 15,000 GB of data transfer for only $6.95 a month.
Each account includes unlimited add-on domains which means you can host
unlimited websites, a
free domain name for life, unlimited email accounts, MySQL databases, FTP
accounts, parked and sub domains, not to mention all the standard account
features that come with most hosting plans, along with friendly, responsive,
and high level support and customer care. I host my main AffiliateGuide.com site with them.

Affiliate Web Hosting

Cheap low cost web site hosting for affiliates and mini sites. This is a reseller for Resellerspanel and they offer hosting with servers in UK and USA. I host my main company site with them and have never had a problem.

Domings.com - Domain registration and hosting

This is mainly a good cheap domain registration service but they do offer good hosting with servers in India and USA. The advantage is that they offer a very low monthly rate of just 2.99 and even less if you join their reseller program. What I like is you can just order the specific services you need.

Here are some other hosting companies that are also worth considering:

Easy CGI

Very good if you want Windows hosting.


Very good if you want dedicated hosting.

HostPapa.com, a web hosting industry leader and Eco-Friendly Green Energy Hosting!

HostPapa is a 100% green energy web host, meaning that all the power used to run their datacenter and corporate offices and all the equipment inside is fully powered by environmentally responsible alternative energy sources. HostPapa's singular hosting plan comes with all the same features as the competition for only $5.95 per month. So, not only can you get a great hosting package for a great price, but you get to be kind to the environment in doing so!
The one-plan-fits-all HostPapa offer gives you 1700 GB of storage and 17,000 GB of data transfer for up to 11 domains - and that's with absolutely no setup charges or other hidden fees. You'll get free shopping carts, search marketing credits, and other invaluable e-commerce tools.

I do hope you get prepared for when your hosting provider has a problem as eventually they all seem to have a problem sometime.

Graeme Eastman

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