Thursday, March 25, 2010

New products = more commissions

There is no doubt that adding new product lines to your marketing can increase your sales revenue.

A good example of that is when the LegalBud affiliate program introduced voporizers into their product line. The vaporizers were an instant success as they are a much healthier alternative than harmful smoking. They offer the widest variety of herbal vaporizing units, including electric, butane, and battery charged.

Affiliates that took up promoting these new products had considerable success as there was a growing market for these products. There is also the advantage of not having as many competing affiliates or vendors in this niche market. With a growing demand and minimal competition it is not surprising that affiliates who do promote these new products are doing so well.

The LegalBud affiliate program was voted top 10 herbal affiliate program 10 years in a row and it is easy to see why affiliates love them when they keep introducing these highly profitable new products to promote.

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