Thursday, February 18, 2010

Who has time for all this?

If you follow the advice of most internet marketers you will be told that you need to:
  • write and publish articles
  • update your blog and websites
  • post updates to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks
  • write a newsletter
  • get backlinks
  • manage and update your PPC campaigns
  • and a bunch of other new things.
Whats more is that for best results you need to do these every day.

Who has time for all that?

Sure there are tools to help but even then they can take time to learn and use and the good ones can be expensive too. We know that if we did all these things regularly we would get a substantial increase in traffic and sales but it would take you 40 hours a week to do it all and no one has that much extra time to spare.

That is why I am so excited about the outsourced solution by OffshoringIT.com as they can provide highly educated and experienced personnel to do all this for you at just $995 per month. That works out at under $7 per hour. If you value your time at more than $7 an hour then this is an easy and affordable way to grow your business and free up some extra time for yourself.

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