Sunday, December 14, 2008

MoreNiche are giving away a laptop, iPods and Adwords spend

MoreNiche are giving away a brand new laptop, five IPod shuffles and Google Adwords Spend in there grand golden ticket draw.

Golden tickets will be given for each sale generated during January and each affiliate you refer to the network. Every affiliate who joins the network will automatically receive their first golden ticket. At the end of January winners will be selected at random to claim one of the 26 prizes.

MoreNiche pride themselves in giving premium affiliate support, more resources than any other affiliate program online and products that sell! If you signup today MoreNiche will give you $45 just for signing up, along with your first free golden ticket.

Many affiliates such as Michael Chang claim MoreNiche to be a great program with an unmatched support team and never a problem with payment. Other super affiliates such as Preshant state "MoreNiche makes leaving your day job easy."

Join MoreNiche today to enter!

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