Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Graeme Eastman Appointed an Editor for Affiliate Marketing at SEMJ.org

SEMJ.org is the first printed journal dedicated to the advancement of search and affiliate marketing through peer reviewed articles. The goal of the journal is to help professionals in the industry share and demonstrate their expertise. Similar to a scientific journal, they review articles submitted by industry professionals and the editors decide if the article will be published in the journal.

I am very proud to be involved with this journal as it is a great step forward for the whole industry of SEO, affiliate marketing and Internet marketing as it moves it forward to a more professional level.

Currently SEMJ.org is offering free memberships for a limited time so if you are interested in this topic then now would be a good time to join.

Authors are also welcome to submit an abstract of a proposed article for inclusion in the journal. It will distinguish yourself as an expert in your field so its a good idea if you have some quality information to share.

Graeme Eastman

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