Monday, March 10, 2008

Colin McDougall is a regular guy who makes money on the internet

I met Colin McDougall at the recent Affiliate Summit and was impressed with his no nonsense style. He is not guru, just a guy that quietly goes about making a ton of money on the internet. He has opened the Fly on the Wall Club to help regular people learn how to really make money on the internet. There is lots of resources for members but I think the big one is that you get his private cell phone number and are encouraged to call him if you need any help, which is just the thing you would expect from a guy that just wants to help people and is not full of hype.

You can also pick up his free report on making web 2.0 profits here.

Graeme Eastman

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Back from TRAFFIC and Affiliate Summit conferences

The most surprising thing to me about these two conferences is that more people did not attend both. There was probably only about 5 people who attended both events. I would have thought that domain names and affiliate programs would go together very well as people use both to create online income and often some great results can be achieved by using good domain name and affiliate strategy together....maybe I am just ahead of time and others will catch on to this idea later.

The other thing I noticed is a big trend to video..not really a surprise, but worth noting. Affiliates can use video to monetize their sites and domainers were showing some big interest in .TV domain names for use in future video sites.

I picked up plenty of other ideas for getting traffic and making extra affiliate income so it was very worthwhile attending both events.

You can see a list of other good Internet marketing events at:

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