Monday, December 10, 2007

Competitor intelligence

I have just come back from the CAC in Macau where I had a great time and learnt alot about affiliate marketing in Asia. One of the things I like best about going to conferences is the people you meet as everyone has different ideas and different ways of doing things so you always learn something new.

The area of competitor intelligence tools is one area that has become popular this year and I see it becoming increasingly important for all professional online marketers. I met up with David from Syntrix at the conference and he arranged for me to take a tour of his service. I was very impressed by the quantity and quality of the data and its ease of use. I had no idea that this level of competitor analysis was available. It very clearly makes it possible easily to see which new affiliates to recuit, how to improve your SEO and links, where to purchase effective advertising and a whole lot more. This tool does not come cheap but there is no doubt that your competitors are probably going to use it so you will suffer the consequences if you do not try to keep up with this trend.


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