Sunday, March 19, 2006

Stormpay kills its multi tier affiliate program

Stormpay has changed their referral program from 5 tiers to one tier. This has outraged me and I am sure a lot of other affiliates will not be happy with them either. It seems to me that as soon as I start to earn some reasonable dollars from a multi tier program that they change the rules so they dont have to pay it anymore.

Stormpay is not the first to have done it. Many other merchants have done this before and it seems to be a worrying trend that merchants start with a muti tier program first to get an affiliate and user base then change to a single tier later to avoid having to make large payments to the affiliates who built their business. These tactics are what give merchants a bad name.

Luckily, not all merchants are as bad as Stormpay. One payment processor that maintains its 6 tier affiliate program is AsianPay.

Graeme Eastman

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