Tuesday, November 15, 2005

PokerAffiliate.com now Bigger and Better

One of the most comprehensive and rewarding partner programs on the Internet has just gotten even bigger. www.PokerAffiliate.com allows potential partners to be a part of the burgeoning success of the online gaming market and now has grown to include even more parts of the world.

Recruit players and share in the revenue to our four outstanding pokersites -

PokerRoom.com - the world's third largest and fastest-growing onlinepoker site

HoldemPoker.com - less than a year old with already more than 1 million registered players

EuroPoker.com - for a localized player experience with games in Russian,Polish, German, and Spanish.

eCardroom.com - the world's first Chinese language poker site.

See this press release for more information.

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